Commercial Fit-outs


If you have moved to a an empty office space new retail unit and are staring at some bare brick walls, we can help you design an interior layout that transforms the space to suit the needs of your brand, whilst allowing you the flexibility to disassemble and/or remove the partitions at the end of your lease or sale of the building.

We have developed a system of free standing walls, dividers, storage units and booths, which can be used to bring new life into a space. Unlike plasterboard partitions, our units do not need to be drilled into the building structure, and can be removed without damage to the existing building. Subject to the arrangement with your landlord and fire assessor, this means that our structures are capable of being classified as furniture, and can therefore be installed and removed much more quickly.

If you are displaying products in a shop or public space, can make bespoke display units that match the sizes of your products. If you are still brainstorming then we have lots of pre-designed options too, so why not arrange a consultation to see what we can do for you?

Our services include:

  • Design consultancy
  • Producing drawings for planning or services installation
  • Bespoke furniture and prototyping
  • Design to manufacture support
  • On-site building assistance
  • Team building workshops (emphasis on the building)
  • Hire out our boxes for temporary installations

We work with a network of specialist installers who are able to offer a full install of any project.

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Price: £100.00
*Summer Sale - Consultations are usually £200, for a limit time we are offering them at 50% off. Now £100. Don't miss your opportunity to get the ball rolling on your project at a reduced price. Once you have paid the consultation fee, we will be in touch to book your appointment.

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