Sustainable Workspaces CIC

We worked with non-profit start-up accelerator Sustainable Workspaces CIC to create removable partitions for their amazing new co-working space in Central London, overlooking the Thames.

They needed partitions and furniture to divide up their open plan layout for their members, but they had a problem: their occupation of the new office was only temporary. In less than two years time from when they moved in they would be moving to a larger office higher up in the building. They wanted a solution that they could take with them to the new space, which met their environmental values, and which left no trace on the existing building, This meant no fixings into the walls, which was a bit of a headscratcher!

We worked with them on a design which maximised re-usablility, with standard box types used for around 95% of the walls. For the remaining 5%, we came up with a completely new innovation: An adjustable U-Build module known as a ‘compression box’.

The U-Build compression box tightens against the concrete frame of the building using a flat plate, and turns the assembly into a solid partition, without a single fixing into the building. The adjustable nature of the box serves a second function – to close up small gaps – and can also be fitted with a seal for added acoustic performance

As the partitions have no fixings, the landlord classified them as furniture, which did not break the terms of the lease. We think was a great result.

Our work extended to cover other items, including desks, storage units, office pods and lockers.

Professional photos are on their way soon.

Watch this (work)space.