Interior Design


These indoor designs can be a simple way to transform the use of room without damaging your existing building. Whether you want to add a room-within-a-room, partition walls furniture or even a staircase, we have a growing list of ideas. Many of the designs shown have started from customer requests, so if you have a good idea for a new U-Build object then please feel free to let us know!

Our services include:

  • Design consultancy
  • Bespoke furniture and prototyping
  • Design to manufacture support
  • On-site building assistance
  • Hire out our boxes for parties (they make great DJ booths)
  • Producing drawings for planning or services installations

We work with a network of specialist installers who are able to offer a full install of any project.

A built in wooden wall storage inside a U-Build house

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Feel free to upload any site photos and drawings here
Price: £100.00
*Summer Sale - Consultations are usually £200, for a limit time we are offering them at 50% off. Now £100. Don't miss your opportunity to get the ball rolling on your project at a reduced price. Once you have paid the consultation fee, we will be in touch to book your appointment.

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