Basil and Gruff: Unplugged Cabins

The beautiful cabins that you see in the photo are available to book and stay in for a digital detox retreat, allowing guests to stay for up to 3 days at a time whilst immersed in nature. Crucially, guests are asked to lock their phone in a box on entry and only use analogue entertainment from then on (think polaroid, cassette player, books!) The cabins have been built for and in collaboration with the inspiring folks at Unplugged.rest who have also worked with us to create a range of bespoke furniture pieces for the cabin interiors.

Nestled as they are in the middle of a field, the cabins are completely off grid, running fully from batteries, solar panels and wood burning stove, with composting toilet. They provide a real model for how we could live and experience nature in a future low impact rural society – especially when considering the tiny amount of space that needs to be heated for this cabin. The cabins are also built for the future – the whole cabin is completely removable and demountable. The cabins are assembled completely in the factory and lifted into (or out of) position onto removable zero-concrete screw piles.

The best part about these cabins is that you can experience them yourselves! There are currently over 10 to choose from in locations around England, with many more in the pipeline. Check out Unplugged.rest to learn more and book your stay.

The build of the Unplugged cabins have been featured by renowned youtube bloggers Kirsten Dirksen and Daniel Titchener, along with other discussions about U-Build in general. Watch their videos below:




Photographs by Pasco Photography