Tiny House

Like most people in 2020 Connie and Jasper had to re-evaluate their plans in the wake of Covid-19 and they decided that their living accommodation should take a high priority.

They had dreamt of living more simply, having lower CO2 emissions and being closer to nature. They also loved the idea of mobility, and learned about the tiny house movement, which appeared to be the ideal solution for them. They approached us with the goal of creating a tiny house for them using our U-Build system.

Connie and Jasper had their own design in mind of how they wanted their new home to look: they wanted a pitched roof, home made furniture and cork cladding. In the true style of tiny houses (and despite being only 16m2) everything you can think of is inside, including bathroom, bedroom area, wardrobe, kitchen and utility.

Covid-19 has meant that they have spent more time in their new home than they anticipated and by their own admission it was hard work but so worth it. Jasper is also a filmmaker and has documented their U-Build / tiny house journey which you can see below: