RIBA Youth Forum Workshop

The RIBA Youth forum is a wonderful program that caters to students and young adults, who are thinking about studying architecture and can attend ongoing workshops managed by RIBA.

We were lucky enough to collaborate with them on the RIBA Exhibition Long Life, Low Energy: Designing for a Circular Economy. We ran a workshop with them to coincide with the week of the installation after the main walls had been safely installed. As well as attending a talk to learn about the exhibition topic and U-Build system, they were also able to participate by building the modular ‘Universal Boxes’ that formed a key part of the exhibition.

“The RIBA Youth Forum was full of motivated, curious and intelligent participants. We ran a team building exercise with them, challenging them to work together to build the fastest and best box. This was followed by a task to build the longest and safest bridge, using boxes bolted together. Finally we set them a design challenge: to create stepped seating for the cinema area in the exhibition. We enjoyed our collaboration with them and are looking forward to working with the Youth Forum again.” Nick, Director U-Build

Photos by Kes Eccleston