Box House: As seen on Grand Designs


In Spring 2019, U-Build will be featured on a new series of Grand Designs. The program centres around a young client with a difficult brief: namely to provide a robust, affordable self-build solution that allowed for their limited construction experience. The U-build concept was conceived as a direct solution to the client’s problem.

The U-Build system enabled the client to created the home of their dreams, a large 2 bedroom house with the adaptability to change to a three bedroom in the future. The internal layout is light, bright and open, and the exterior is set out is carefully detailed black timber cladding.

Our project was one of 10 pilot houses chosen for the series, built side by side as the first street in Graven Hill, Bicester: a pioneering Development of 1900 Custom and Self Build houses. The Graven Hill project is of National significance, a ‘vanguard’ project aiming to help the government double CSH Homes by 2020.

The project shows how future housing could be delivered via a wide distributed network of end-users, empowered through a series of safe, affordable and effective assisted self-build solutions such as U-Build.