Boundless Boxes

U-Build was approached by Boundless Theatre to collaborate with them on their exciting project called ‘Boundless Boxes’. The ‘Boundless Box’ is a self-assembled building, designed to fit in a small lorry and be delivered to communities around the country who don’t have access to creative spaces. 

Two prototypes have been created so far, the first the size of a shipping container and the second slightly larger. Unlike a shipping container, the pod is light, airy and open, and can involve members of the local community to construct it as a facilitated event. 

The structure has been developed with the assistance of Structure Workshop as a ‘portal frame’ which means that the wall panels can be taken out completely, leaving an open sided pavilion. The cladding can also be easily removed and changed, making the ‘Boundless Box’ a fully adaptable theatre and creative space. 

The ‘Boundless Box’ has already begun touring around the country, starting in Leicester and then moving to London. We have really enjoyed working with Boundless Theatre for their creative approach and willingness to involve young people in the process, including offering job shares between young people and more established members of the team.

If you would like a box space in your community to help host events, please do get in touch.