Bloc Pod

The U-Build self-build system allowed our clients to design and build a bespoke garden studio without prior building experience: featuring a large bauhaus-inspired circular window. 

Through a series of simple design consultations our clients found their unique design aesthetic; pulling design inspiration from iconic architecture school, Bauhaus. The Bauhaus style window adds great detail and design sophistication, our client explains, ‘not only was the window cost effective but it gave a design aesthetic that looks different and stands out. It moves the garden studio away from the backyard shed everyone was building during the pandemic.’

Our client comments on managing a self-build project; ‘we have office jobs, we’re not in construction or anything similar. Yet we found the experience pretty straightforward, it’s just like building an IKEA project. But on a bigger scale.’ This flexible space now offers the family additional space for an office, play room, or storage area when completing recent housing renovations.

U-Build parts are CNC-cut from sustainably sourced plywood. The U-Build boxes fit together to make floor, wall and roof modules, fixed in place with nothing but a drill, mallet and bolts. The plywood structure is insulated with sheeps wool and cladded in douglas fir from a nearby sawmill. U-Build parts are fully demountable, portable and reusable. Clients excitedly remarked ‘It’s incredible. We’ve already said if we ever leave this property and buy elsewhere, we could take it with us.’

Our Garden Studio’s each have a story to tell.