U-Build Shelves


Our shelves are a robust yet beautiful addition to your home. They can be pushed against a wall or used as a free standing wall divider. Customise yours with pullout drawers or doors.

U-Build helps you to source a range of compatible components for your design and delivers them to your door with assembly instructions. It’s a bit like a giant veg box*

*please don’t actually eat the U-Build parts, even if they do look tasty. 

A typical U-Build delivery contains the following parts:

  • Instructions: Step by step instructions on how to assemble your design
  • U-Build: A flat-pack kit of plywood and fixings 

All you need is:

  • An electric drill for assembling the boxes
  • A rubber mallet for gentle ‘persuasion’
  • Some elbow grease!

More Designs

Want something more bespoke?