Sublime Magazine Good Brand Award

As U-Build grows, we strive towards making a positive contribution and impact on the world. If U-Build sparks a conversation or engages anyone with alternative building systems, or maybe even sustainable lifestyle practices, we believe these are the incremental steps towards a greener future.

We look to emulate and push ideas that we believe will make for better living standards; the art and technology of buildings, natural materials and circular principles are all central to the development of our U-Build system.

As humanity learns to build a low carbon future, it can be difficult to know whether the things you are doing are working or resonating with others. This makes it especially wonderful to announce that today U-Build received a sustainability award: The Sublime Magazine Good Brand Award badge 2023, “in Recognition of Advancing Social & Environmental Sustainability”.

Thank you to everyone for all your support in spreading awareness of the U-Build system and the principles we continue to research, promote and develop. We are always grateful for our wider U-Build community and our looking forward to more ideas flourishing.

The U-Build Team