Name Name Pod

This beautiful garden pod was designed and built by entrepreneur Alex McMillian and designer Michelle Tacdol. They first came to U-Build looking to create something a bit special for their home in London, with space to work, create and relax.

Patterns, shapes and materials were important parts of the design, and involved several bespoke customisations of the U-Build system. There is cork cladding on the outside to give the pod a matt texture, and additional sound / thermal performance, and a green roof on top, surrounding a beautiful rooflight under their mature tree.

Here at U-Build, we look at the world through box-shaped spectacles, and are not very used to curves, but we didn’t want that to stem the couples creative energies, and so we adapted our cutting patterns to accomodate the large round picture window, and the smaller porthole window.

Who says you can’t fit a square pod with a round hole?



Photographs by Jim Stephenson