Hedgehog House



Hedgehog House

1 Box (includes packaging and shipping)


External Dimensions (W x L x H)

450 x 450 x 250mm

This U-Nest design provides a safe, warm house for hedgehogs to nest in. Sadly the number of hedgehogs has significantly reduced in the last 20 years, with only 500,000 left in the wild. This is why we have created a hedgehog house which can be filled with straw and dry leaves and placed in a quiet, shady spot in your garden. Each hedgehog house is made of high-quality 18mm Ecoboard which is durable and eco-friendly for all wild creatures. The hedgehog house has been specially designed to include a slot which gives each hedgehog a dark and cosy nest safely away from predators. Each product can be shipped pre-assembled or delivered flat-packed with all the fittings for you to build.

Each box arrives flat-packed for you to assemble, this requires only an electric drill or screwdriver and mallet. Once assembled, the boxes can be bolted together using supplied fixings to create an almost infinite number of shapes and configurations.

The parts require no glue, so they can be taken apart and used again for different configurations, or flat-packed if not in use… though we’re pretty sure you won’t want to pack them away!


Read more about plywood

Our structural boxes that create the walls, roof and floor are made from 18mm WISA Spruce plywood as standard, this is FSC certified and PEFC rated. Click here to see a typical Spruce sheet.

Or you can upgrade to WISA Birch, a harder wood (and heavier) option but with a less knotty aesthetic. See here for an example.





Read more about fixings

We will provide stainless steel woodscrews as well as furniture bolts and nuts if you have multiple boxes.


Read more about finishes

We don’t supply finishes but we recommend a natural oil, varnish or stain such as beeswax or Osmo to protect your boxes from future wear and tear.

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